Chimney Sweep Penn Fields

Chimney Sweep Penn Fields

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Chimney sweeping services Penn Fields are at the moment in popular demand. With a huge increase in people opening up their fires and using stoves or the open fire, you can see why the chimney sweep is being kept busy.

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Why do I need a chimney sweep?

If you have an open fire of stove, it is essential you have it cleaned by the best chimney sweep in Penn Fields. Whether you burn logs or coal / smokeless fuel, you need it swept every year. The chimney sweeps job is to remove any build up of soot or tar from within your chimney. By removing the soot or tar it will ensure your chimney is safe from having a chimney fire. It will also help make your stove or open fire more efficient again, helping the smoke safely exit up and out of your chimney.

Chimney cleaning in Penn Fields and how they do it

When you find a chimney sweep Penn Fields ,they will arrive at your house and first take off their shoes. They will then place a sheet down on the floor in front of your fireplace. The chimney sweep will then inspect your appliance. Once they have inspected it visually they will then sheet up the opening to your fireplace. The chimney sweep will then start pushing his rods up the chimney through the sheet. The professional chimney sweep will then pull his rods own the chimney once his brush has reached the top. Always ensure you ask to the see the brush come out the top. Whether you have a chimney cowl on top or not. You will still see the brush. Chimney cleaning in Penn Fields is all done the same. If its not done this way, then its been done incorrectly.

Once the chimney cleaning process has been completed and the rods removed. The chimney sweep Penn Fields will then remove the sheet from the fireplace. This will then show the debris which has been cleaned off the inside of your chimney. The best chimney sweep will always carry a high powered hoover. This is used to suck up all the soot and debris. Once the chimney sweep has completed this. It should leave your chimney and fireplace safe an clean to use.